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Save Money at Hungarian Restaurants (Coupon)

So you've been looking at recipes here, and you have been to the big Hungarian restaurant list, and now, are hungry. Go out to dinner and save money! Check out the guys below. We've used them a lot. We have found them especially useful when going out in groups of four or more.

The gist: spend $10.00 on a coupon. The coupon is worth, say $25.00 (there are different coupons, depending on the level of restaurant and how much you expect it to cost). Savings = $15.00.

You can look restaurants up by state and then hone into your community, or by zip code and choose how many miles you are willing to travel. Then, fine tune by cuisine, cost, hours, or other features.

It isn't just Hungarian restaurants. You name it, and they have it in there.

Still hungry? Make Hungarian food at home with one of these Hungarian cookbooks.

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